A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most traditional and effective way to promote products and building relationship with the existing and potential customers.According to research, 91% of consumers check their email on a regular basis and email marketing has been one of the best ways where proper communication converts in a great way! There are 5 uses of email marketing such as promotion,retention,communication,building relationship,making sales. 

Benefits of Email Marketing:

 Its low cost
Its Effective. (50 times greater than advertising)
Its targeted
Its easy
Automation benefits

Lets start with some essential steps of email marketing.

Building an Email List

Building an email list is the first step of email marketing. You need permission from your customers in order to send them an email. For doing so, you can create an optin form in your blog or website to collect email addresses.Offer some freebies like discount,free ebook,downloads can entice prospects to fill up the optin form.

Segmenting Email List

Segmenting email list means dividing the email list in small groups based on customers similar characteristics,spending habit,personal like or dislike.Doing segmentation helps tailoring the communication message.

Email Formats

Email formats can be of different types HTML,Plain Text and video emails.HTML is the most popular and effective format for email marketing.

Email Contents

Email contents may include different information that you can share with your peers. You can share company news like new product,award,contest information. You can write how to articles like how to use certain products and its benefit.

Email Subject Line

Email subject line impacts deliverbility and open rates in great scale.According to report,company name in the subject line increase open rates by 32% to 60%.Here are some best practice for email marketing subject lines:

 Dont use excessive punctuation
 Avoid all Caps
 Dont use vague subject lines
 Dont have a blame subject line
 Dont use sign like dollar sign $
 Dont put recipient name in the subject field.

Email Layout

Customers in general read the layout of an email as a whole before they read the actual written content.

 Email must start with your company logo and/or organization name.
 The email should have a headline and should appear as close to the top of the email as possible.
 Email must have  a "Call to Action".
 Email should contain visual anchors like coupons ,website link etc.

Measuring Email Marketing Performance

There are some metrics that can be analyzed for measuring email marketing success.

 Delivery Rates - Higher is better. If lower then improve the list.
 Open rates - Your email must be read. Use an eye catching subject line.
 Click through rates - Click through rates is an important metric and greatly depends on you email content.

Email Marketing Service

There are some top email marketing service that can be used. Here are some recommended tools.