How to Market Your Business in Facebook

Facebook has been a revolution for the small business owners.With the introduction of Fcommerce, thousands of businesses now an effective way to promote their products and services.When you have stats like more than half of billions facebook users login daily with average users spend more than 15+ hours per month Facebook allows to retain old customers,build brand loyalty,reach new customers and most easiest way to communicate with the customers.

Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

First sign up with Facebook. Never use your personal account rather create a separate account for business promotion purpose.Once logged in create a facebook page. Make sure you select the proper category when creating the page.After page creation,fill up the information like bio,website link,business address,upload logo,banner etc. Make sure you developed your assets/creatives before creating the page.

The next thing is to get likes. For this you can run a facebook ad campaign and promote your facebook page to get the likes.

Now once you start receiving the likes, its time to engage with your fans through different ways like:

 Status Update. Your status update can be text,image,video,link,events etc.Lots of upfront research required in this stage to create engaging content.
 Ask fans to like
 Ask Yes/No question
● Schedule your post for prime time. Use Facebook analytics to understand the best time to post your status.
 According to research Photos gets 53% more likes than any other focus on it.
 Highlight/Pinning take your post in the front of your page something you always want your peers to see at top. For pinning after posting click edit and then click top.
 Posting Polls can be another good way to engage with your fans.

Running Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ad campaign is an effective way to promote products or service and get sales,visibility in quick time. Before running a ad campaign its important to ask yourself what you really want to promote and your business objective.Do you want to promote your facebook page or your online store,your goal is to get more likes to your page,increasing traffic or getting sales from your online store.Once you decide these simple questions its time to create your first ad campaign. Check this simple guide to run an effective ads campaign in Facebook.